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All the systems, processes, documents and most importantly support you need to START & GROW your real estate investing business. 

Reaching financial freedom through real estate investing is much closer then you realize. 

You know how frustrating it has been trying to get into real estate investing, but not knowing where to start? Trust me, I’ve been there before— I couldn’t find a good, proven, mentor for a reasonable price. I remember losing money on my first few deals because I tried to figure everything out on my own. This is why I decided to create a real estate investing membership program. 

As a member this program will walk you through your first deals with the "made for you" fill-in the blank contracts, and guidance on how to properly select and interface with contractors, buyers, and sellers.

You will also begin building the network of people that will make your real estate investment business a success ALL while going through continuous training at your own pace.

  • Learn from an investor with over a decade of experience that has over $57M of active real estate developments.
  • Find Profitable Real Estate Deals by leveraging the help of "Investor-Friendly" Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Wholesalers
  • Learn how to successfully "Pitch" a real estate deal to Private Lenders & Hard Money Lenders so they will want to lend you money.
  • Calculate Comparable sales, After Repair Value, Expected Profit & Expenses so that you will be able to analyze potential deals and get Hard Money financing
  • Find dependable General Contractors who will rehab the property for you.
  • Work with an "Investor Friendly" Real Estate Agent to get your rehabbed property sold, quickly!
  • Learn how to Build your Real Estate "Team"
  • Find Off Market Real Estate Deals
  • Understand key metrics to Confidently evaluate rentals, New Construction, & Rehab property investment opportunities
  • Use professional-grade investment models to evaluate YOUR own flip or rental deals
  • Understand the core concepts of real estate investing
  • Understand professional real estate investment strategies and techniques
  • Confidently evaluate fix & flip investment opportunities
  • Learn ways to make money in real estate including wholesaling, investing, new construction, and development.
  • Gain information that took over a decade to learn
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Chris Senegal’s Creating Wealth Through Real Estate Investing Coaching & Membership Course

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What You'll Learn When You Join:

  • How to find deals
  • Writing contracts
  • How to find buyers
  • Marketing
  • House Flipping
  • Building a rental portfolio
  • New Construction
  • Development
  • Finding the money for you deals
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  • You will be learning from my 12 plus years of experience.
  • Its affordable for any budget.
  • I cover a variety of real estate topics
  • You can learn at your own pace.
  • Have access to content from anywhere.
  • ​New videos uploaded continuously on a variety of industry related topics


  • All the possible ways to get into real estate
  • How much money you need
  • How to find deals
  • Building a team
  • Writing contracts 
  • How to find buyers
  • Marketing your deals
  • ​House Flipping A-Z
  • ​Building a rental portfolio
  • ​New Construction
  • Crowdfunding
  • ​Real Estate Development
  • ​Finding the money for deals
  • The struggles of real estate investing


  • Discounts for 1 on 1's with me
  • Bonus reading materials from other sources I trust
  • Priority access to events
  • Discounted tickets to events
  • You can watch all of my podcast interviews
  • Exclusive behind the scenes content of my world